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21 Signs You Go To Sleep Away Camp

The phrase "living 10 months for 2" is something we hear quite often from our campers at Camp Blue Ridge. It's no doubt we all wait 10 months out of the year just to get back at our favorite place for a short 2 months that fly by! Summer camp is not just about activities, it's a way of life. From roasting marshmallows at the campfire, to singing your heart out during Color War, here are some things every camper knows to be true. Check out these 21 signs you definitely attend a traditional summer camp, like our home away from home in the beautiful mountains of Georgia. 1. You are living ten months out of the year just to get to the best two months. 2. During the year you come across a sock (or all your clothes) with your initials marked in it. 3.  You can make a bed so tightly that you can bounce a quarter off it. 4. The annual swim test is literally the bane of your existence. The only thing worse was being forced to get in the lake on cold days. 5. Co-ed socials are the highlight of the week--maybe month! 6.  Rainy-day activities are actually the best! 7. “You’ve got mail” has a totally different meaning. 8. Canteen is the most exciting moment of your day! Who knew you could run so fast when it meant getting a candy bar. 9. You secretly love camp food... 10. Sandals and socks are socially acceptable. (crocs too) 11. Girls know they will get in trouble for rolling their shorts too short, and boys know they will get in trouble for not wearing a shirt, but you do it anyway to see how long you can get away with it. 12. Waterfront is prime time for getting your social date. 13. Accidentally wearing your shower shoes out to evening activity is a weekly occurrence. 14. You are basically a professional friendship-bracelet maker, and you hand out matching ones to your friends (and maybe your favorite counselor). (boys too!) 15. You are never as prepared as you should be for actual “camping” things, like hikes. Camps kids love to complain! 16. You know every word to every cabin song, even though you aren't in that cabin! 17. You lived for Color War. Ate, slept and breathed it. 18. And trying to figure out the secret Color War theme before break out keeps you busy all day! 19. Your camp friends are your family, and there is nothing like a bond created at camp! 20. You secretly don't mind at all not having your phone, and getting it back on the last day is almost too much to handle. 21. When your parents pick you up in August, you cry the entire ride home, making them wonder if they unknowingly paid for you to join a cult. They kinda did. There is nothing in the world like summer camp. It is the most amazing 2 months of your year, and thats why you live "10 for 2"!