Camp Blue Ridge

Sleepaway camp most
frequently asked questions

Is the camp safe as my kids play and sleep?

The safety of our campers and staff is our number one priority. At Camp Blue Ridge we take a multi-pronged approach that encompasses the proper management of our facility as well as staff preparation and management. Our gated entrance to camp is the only way in and out of camp and sits directly below the Camp Director’s home. In addition, we have a camera surveillance system throughout camp that allows all full-time staff to monitor the exterior areas throughout the facility. In terms of camper supervision, we have strict policies regarding camper to staff ratios and adhere to the “rule of 3” when supervising campers. In addition, there is always a counselor on duty in the cabins at night as well as a head counselor for both boys and girls hill that assist with supervising campers and supporting staff with any needs that may arise.

Is the staff qualified to be supervising my kids?

Our staff are vetted through an interview process that includes a reference check and highest level national criminal background check as well as the National Sex Offender Registry check. In addition, our staff undergo a minimum of one week of staff orientation which includes training in areas such as emergency management, camper behavior and supervision, program planning and management, teambuilding and first aid and CPR. Certified staff in key program areas such as climbing, waterfront and skiing receive professional training and certification by a licensed agency on how to properly apply their skills and experience to their camp facility, ensuring professional standards are met by all instructors.

How do you bunk the kids?

Our campers are grouped by age and/or grade level.

Are all the activities and field trips included?

Yes, all camp activities and field trips are included in the cost of camp excluding whitewater rafting and horseback riding. We also have trips to Six Flags over Atlanta , hiking, golf, outdoor adventure climbing and other field activities that are brought on campus.

The only additional expense for off camp field trips is for our Teen Program. This program cost is dependent on the session in which your camper is enrolled. The additional fee for this program includes transportation to weekly field trips as well as admission fees for each trip.

Does your camp have nurses onsite?

Yes, our camp has two full-time nurses that live and work at camp. In addition, we are minutes from urgent care and are located on the 911 system for quickest response.

What’s the food like? What if my child has a food allergy?

Our food is amazing, seriously! Our chef, Robson, does a wonderful job preparing our meals and is an experienced caterer based in Florida during the off season. He can accommodate all food allergies and dietary restrictions, and will ensure that your child is well fed. In addition to our daily menu, we always have a side bar with fruits, yogurt and cereal for breakfast and a full salad bar option for lunch and dinner, vegetarian and vegan options.

Our campers are served canteen (snack and a drink) before bed and have daily access to our camp store (optional)which provides snacks, drinks, and souvenir items for your camper to enjoy. Parents may place money on their child’s account at any time.

How do I communicate with my child?

We have several options for parent communication throughout the summer. Of course there is always snail mail, however, parents also have the option to purchase CBR e-notes for their child. This is essentially a 2-way email system, an efax communication system that is quick and efficient for both the parent and the child. These notes are confidental and are not reviewed by any member of our staff, they are sent and received daily. Many campers utilize snail mail as an option to correspond with friends and parents throughout the summer, most will send self-addressed stamped envelopes with their camper for use as needed. Parents may also set up a phone call or FaceTime with their child after the first week of camp. Finally, we allow campers to receive one care package per week, these packages should not contain food items.

Do you allow electronics?

We feel camp is a great place for kids to disconnect from devices and really embrace all things camp. We allow campers to travel to and from camp with their cellphones or electronic equipment. Once at camp we collect these items and store them for safe keeping while at camp then return them for their trip home. For our campers that crave a little gaming we offer a virtual reality activity that they can sign up for and enjoy while at camp.

Are all activities coed?

Yes, all of our activities are coed. Our activities are taught by ability level but our program director makes sure each class is compiled to the satisfaction of all campers.

We love the fact that our activities are self-selected by each camper every 3 days. This gives them an opportunity to meet new friends outside of their own cabin and try new things while still embracing the activities they absolutely love.

How do the campers pick their activities?

We offer five activity periods a day, one of which is waterfront with all campers in their village. The other 4 activities are selected from an activity assignment sheet that our campers fill out twice a week outlining their top choices for their next activity schedule. They are allowed to select any of the activities they want and can request to be partnered with a specific friend if they’d like as well.

Are the sports competitive?

Our regular activity periods don’t focus on competition. Because we have a blend of talent and experience at each of our activities, our instructors will focus on introducing campers to the activity, teaching them the rules of the game, introducing technique, and playing sport specific games.

For our more competitive campers, we offer individual and team leagues throughout the summer for many of our sports. This allows campers to work on their sportsmanship, build out of cabin relationships and work towards a common goal.

Do the campers wear a uniform?

No, we do not require a uniform for camp. We ask our campers to use good judgement when selecting clothing for camp so as not to offend anyone. We do require campers to wear a Camp Blue Ridge shirt when on field trips.

Do the campers have to go in the lake?

No, campers are not required to go in the lake. We do have a heated swimming pool available for any camper not wishing to enjoy our spring fed man-made lakes. In addition, we do require life jackets for all campers swimming in the lake and participating in water sports.

Are the campers allowed to receive packages?

Yes, campers may receive one care package per week. We do not allow food or beverages in our care packages. Many parents will include pictures, items to decorate their bunk, games, and activities as well as bracelets and other items campers can share with their friends.

Are the parents allowed to call?

While we love that our parents and campers love to chat, we also understand and appreciate the important role camp plays in encouraging our campers to be strong, independent individuals. We do recognize that some of our campers need or want a bit more support, so we allow families to schedule a zoom or FaceTime, if needed. In addition, our head staff are very hands on with our families and are more than happy to check in and provide updates as needed.

How many campers are at CBR?

We typically have anywhere from 200-250 campers per camp session.

How many campers live in a cabin?

We typically have 10-12 campers per cabin and 3-4 counselors.

How do campers get to camp?

We do offer group chaperoned flights from Fort Lauderdale. These flights are chaperoned by camp staff and are arranged via our travel agent. Campers wishing to be dropped off directly at camp either fly in and drive up with their caregiver or are driven directly to camp from home. We can work with families individually, as needed, to ensure their arrival and departure process is smooth.

What if my child feels homesick?

Many campers experience some homesickness while at camp, this is completely normal and ok! Our staff are trained to recognize and support their campers through these challenges and along with the head staff will ensure that your child has a safe, meaningful experience at camp. In the event that your child has a hard time managing their homesickness, our head staff will work directly with you to best support your child in being successful while at camp.

Are there off-campus field trips?

Yes, in a typical year, all campers are eligible to go white water rafting, climbing, and golfing off site if they sign up for and complete the basic standards needed in their designated activity area. In addition, all session B and C campers attend Six Flags over Georgia as part of an all-camp field trip. Our teen program takes regularly scheduled weekly trips to area attractions such as Helen, Bowling, and the Drive in Movie. During the Covid Pandemic, we did not travel off site, instead opting to bring in special guests and acts that performed for our campers on-site.

How does the laundry work?

Laundry is done once a week for all campers with each cabin assigned a different day for laundry. Camper’s place all their dirty clothes, towels and linens in their laundry bag and on their assigned day their laundry is washed, folded and returned to them. All items MUST be labeled with the camper’s full name. A Sharpie works best.

Is there a visitor day?

Due to the Covid Pandemic we did not have a visitors’ day last year and expect this to remain the same for the time being.

How do the campers’ duffels get there?

For campers traveling from Florida who elect to have their baggage delivered prior to the start of camp, you will drop your child’s luggage at the designated drop off location in South Florida two days before camp. The luggage is driven to camp, sorted by cabin, delivered straight to your child’s bunk and unpacked by their counselors. At the end of the summer, your child’s counselor will assist them in packing their bags and will ensure the bags gets to the designated drop off location for pick up and shipment back to South Florida. You may arrange delivery and/or pickup by Fedex, UPS, Ship Camps or any carrier of your choice as well.

How does the camp store work?

The camp store is available throughout the day for your child to visit and purchase items from. The store consists of food items such as pizza, chicken nuggets, sliders, mozzarella sticks, etc. Various sweets, drinks and Gatorade, and concession items that your child can enjoy are also available. We also sell camp swag such as sweatshirts, water bottles and drawstring bags. Parents can place money on their child’s account via Zelle or check for their child to use at any time.

Is there a hospital nearby in case of an emergency?

Yes, there is a hospital in Clayton should an emergency occur. In addition, we have an urgent care directly across the street from camp that we utilize for minor illnesses and injuries. Camp is located on 911 response system and has two onsite nurses available in case of emergency. Should an emergency occur or the need arises for your child to be seen by medical staff outside of camp, our medical team will contact you and work directly with you to ensure the proper care and parental wishes are met.