Camp Blue Ridge Blog

All Good Things Come to an End

Time flies by when you're having fun, and you're always having fun at Camp Blue Ridge. As session A is coming to a close, the campers are making the most of their last moments at camp until next summer rolls around. The two weekers this year have been given opportunities and learned more about themselves than they've ever had before. These campers discovered hidden talents, new hobbies and interests, and made life long friends. As hard as it is for them to go home just as they got used to being at camp, they cannot wait to see their friends and family at home! I know for a fact that these campers will be telling camp stories for the next few months and won't stop talking about camp until they are back at their home away from home. The end of the session is full of exciting events such as the camp play and camp prom. The drama directors have worked so hard on the play, Robin Hood, and the campers cannot wait to show off their acting skills to the whole camp. As for prom, there has been "promposals" left and right where campers are creatively asking their friends to be their date to the CBR prom. It will truly be sad to see the session A campers leave and we will miss them so much. Brace yourselves for post camp depression!