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Camp Blue Ridge’s Mission 2021

Camp Blue Ridge- a top rated coed sleep away camp in Georgia is making strides towards summer 2021.

We all want camp to look and feel like camp!

The goal- to provide our usual, one of kind, unforgettable summer camp experience in the safest way possible. Heres how...

We are excited to be able to provide the wonderful camp experience that all of the Camp Blue Ridge campers have been anxiously waiting for. We know how much CBR means to everyone, and we have been working non-stop to put measures in place that will allow our campers and staff to have a fun, healthy & safe summer.

  • We continue to stay in direct contact with the CDC, American Camp Association, Our local and staff health departments, & Medical/healthcare professionals.
  • We continue to remain on track with our summer camp community, sharing insight & recommendations.
  • We will utilize the most updated screening, testing, disinfecting, masking & quarantining procedures as outlined for all overnight camps.
  • We will make all cabin arrangements suitable, comfortable & safe .
  • All program/activity areas will be prepared, organized & cleaned in the safest manor possible.
  • We will maintain the utmost transparency with direct and immediate communication from the Directors, staff & social media.

As always, your Camp Blue Ridge family is here to respond to your questions and concerns. Feel free to reach out to us and request a zoom call at your convenience.

We are so looking forward to another amazing summer, our 52nd at Camp Blue Ridge! See you there!