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Finding a Summer Camp near North Carolina

Have you been having trouble finding the perfect summer camp for your son or daughter next summer? By now, you’ve probably looked at hundreds of websites, watched tons of online tours, and even gotten a few phone calls. But how can you be sure that the summer camp that you pick is the right fit for your son or daughter next summer? That’s where Camp Blue Ridge, the best summer camp near North Carolina, comes in to help. To make your search for a summer camp easier, we have a few questions that parents should ask in order to guarantee their child the best experience possible!
  1. What will your child be doing every day at summer camp? The best summer camps are the ones that keep children moving, thinking, and learning all while having hours of endless fun. Find out what your son or daughter will be doing on a typical day at summer camp. The busier that they are, the less likely they are to feel homesick. At Camp Blue Ridge, there is always something to do. Campers participate in six activities, plus an evening activity, time to rest, meals, and more all in a single day.
  2. Is there something that your son or daughter is interested in trying at summer camp? The best way to guarantee that your son or daughter has a great time at camp is to give them something to look forward to doing everyday. If your child is interested in a specific sport or activity, then send them to a camp that offers it. Look through the summer camp activities to see all that camp offers. And get your child involved with the summer camp search!
  3. How is the staff hired? Since these are the people who will be taking care of your children all summer, ask about the hiring process and what makes them qualified to work at a summer camp. The summer camp counselors should be “activity orientated”, willing to work for the needs of the children, and be trained to work with them. Ask if counselors have any training prior to camp beginning, if any background checks are performed, and what the camper to counselor ratio is.
Are you interested in sending your son or daughter to the best summer camp near North Carolina? Then contact Camp Blue Ridge today! Call us at 706-746-5491 (summer) or 954-665-8686 (winter) for more information or to schedule a tour of the campgrounds! 102.jpg