Camp Blue Ridge Blog

First day of Session A!

The first day of Session A at Camp Blue Ridge Summer 2017 is off to a great start! New and returning campers are boasting with excitement, whether it be during the meal time sing-alongs or their daily activities. On the first night of camp, the entire camp gathered at the amphitheater for the counselor show-off. Each counselor introduced the campers to all of the 54 activities offered on camp before they chose their activities for the first rotation. Between tubing, water ski, ping pong, climbing, martial arts, gymnastics, and many more there are endless opportunities for the campers here at CBR. The next morning, campers woke up and headed down to the flag pole for announcements before breakfast. One cabin in particular stood out- G12 had a “crazy hair day” as a cabin. For the rest of the day, campers went around camp in their villages (freshman, juniors, and teens) to try out some of the activities they heard so much about the night before! The day went very smoothly. Campers took their swim tests at Waterfront, tried out the drums in the cafeteria, and some even tried out the zip line for the very first time! On the second night of camp, the infamous Miss CBR pageant had campers laughing so hard at all of the counselors being silly on stage. The crowd favorite, Joe Tobin, performing as Sandy from Grease was crowned Miss CBR for Session A. Here are some things the campers had to say about their time so far at their mountain of fun, Camp Blue Ridge!   “The activities are really fun, and the counselors are amazing this year!” -Zach Whitehead, B22 “For anyone who is a first-timer at camp, Session A is really fun and gives you a great camp experience.” -Caleb Harris, B21 “I love doing knee boarding, tubing, and dance.” -Ava Snapper, G12 “Archery, climbing, and paintball are my favorite activities so far.” -Parker Hagen, B15 “The night activities make you work as a team, and it's so much fun!” -Emmy Hanna, G15 “You make so many new friends at camp and have so much fun.” -Evan Duffy, B19 “Camp is filled with so much love and fun.” -Jackie Solarana, G18 “I love CBR because everyone's so nice, it’s one huge family.” -Ashley Kusens, G12 “It’s so good to be back at camp for my 6th summer with friends you can only find at camp.” - West Fisher, G18 “Camp is my second home.” -Maddison Taylor, G17 “The virtual reality room is amazing.” -Jett Joiner, B19 “I went tubing for the first time.” -Laila Harber, G15