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How to Give your Child the Best Summer Camp Experience

Summer camp has all types of children; children who react differently to certain situations, socialize differently, and take away from experiences differently. No matter what type of child you are sending away to sleep away summer camp, a positive and enriching outcome will always result. When sending your child to summer camp, they will return home more independent, social, and they will count down the days until there next summer camp experience. With exposure to new trips, sports, activities, events, as well as learning experiences far different from those at school. Camp allows your child to socialize with children of all ages, in a coed atmosphere, where they can make new friends, find those with similar interests, and take on new hobbies from others they meet while at camp. Summer camp also gives your child a chance to interact with adults and counselors in a less adversarial way. They will create close bonds with counselors who come from all over the world, with all sorts of experiences to share with your child. For some kids, it can be scary leaving your family for sleep away camp, but the supportive and caring environment your child will be in will allow them to work through and over come the struggle that is and what comes with homesickness. You might be asking yourself, "is my child ready for summer camp", and to that I would respond that every child is unique. Certain children will count down the days until they return to camp. These children can pack up their things, kiss mom and dad goodbye, and enjoy every moment they get out of their summer camp experience. On the contrary, there are children who are not so comfortable with the idea of leaving their parents, going to a place they have never been, with people they are yet to know. Sometimes these types of children go to camp, adapt to the situation, and enjoy themselves. Sometimes, it takes a little getting use to for an uneasy child in a new place to get comfortable. No matter which category your child fits into, they will walk into summer camp with an immediate summer family to look out for them, care for them, and have a blast along side them! Camp Blue Ridge prides themselves on their family atmosphere. Owners and directors know each child by name and are available at all times for any needs you may have, head staff and supervisors are interactive and enthusiastic with all children, and cabin counselors quickly become their big brothers and sisters. So now ask yourself if you are ready! Are you ready to send your child to sleep away camp, giving them the opportunity of a lifetime?