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Hands in the Air for Six Flags

Tomorrow, all CBR campers will be making their way to the amazing amusement park, Six Flags Over Georgia. Each summer, we take our campers here for an all camp field trip and each time is so much more fun than the last. Cabins categorize each camper into no riders, some riders, and all riders. This makes it more efficient for each group and maximizes the fun. Even if you are a no rider, there are plenty of things to do like shopping, playing games, watching performances, and more. Six Flags is always a day full of excitement no matter what type of rider you are in. For those that do enjoy roller coasters, Six Flags is the place to be! Some super popular roller coasters are the Mind Bender, the Georgia Scorcher, Dare Devil, Goliath, and so much more. On top of the amazing events and activities going on, there's a huge variety of restaurants so everyone can be satisfied with the lunch and dinner of their choice, as long as their group can all agree on one place! Six Flags is a pretty tiring day, especially after all that candy and shopping. The campers will load back onto the bus wearing the matching shirts they bought with their friends and rest on the long ride back to camp. We can't wait to see what everyone will be wearing at the superhero social this Friday, probably something they bought from Six Flags!