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Happy Holidays, from Camp Blue Ridge!

From all of us at Camp Blue Ridge, we would like to wish each and every one of you a very special holiday season and prosperous year ahead! It put a huge smile on all of our faces to see our wonderful campers receiving camp gear for the holidays! Our new baseball hats were a hit! Fill out your clothing forms today for new CBR shirts, long sleeves, hoodies, PJ pants, shorts, and more! Looking back onto 2017, we have so much gratitude for all of our camp families. There is nothing like the infectious joy we have been so lucky to be able to watched spread throughout our campers, staff, alumni, parents, and directors during camp and throughout the school year. The love behind and within Camp Blue Ridge is what makes it unlike any other sleep away camp in the South. Summer 2017, Camp Blue Ridge had our largest summer of campers to date. Going into 2018, we are looking forward to expanding our ever growing family! With new activities, upgraded facilities, air conditioned cabins, and more, we have no doubt this summer will exceed all of our expectations. Every past summer has been the best summer yet, and 2018 is no exception! #CBRforever