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Interaction & Inclusivity at Camp Blue Ridge

At Camp Blue Ridge, we create a culture where campers respect themselves and others. Camp gives campers countless opportunities to interact in a healthy and positive way with everyone around them. At camp, our differences are what bring us together. Sleep away camp gives children the opportunity to interact and build relationships with others who they possible would never come across in the real world. Inclusivity is a foundational element at Camp Blue Ridge, and from day one campers are taught the importance of family atmosphere that surrounds us each day, during camp, as well as in the off season. Everyone is welcomed with open arms, and a friendly attitude is instilled into everyday culture. One of the coolest things about Blue Ridge is that the various options for sports, arts, activities and adventure. Camp Blue Ridge is a place where kids with all different levels of abilities and strengths find a place where they belong while being the best versions of themselves. After a summer at Camp Blue Ridge, kids head into the school year with an eye and a heart for others. The connections and relationships they build at camp are based on respect, communication, innocence, inclusivity and pure happiness!! #CBRforever