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Making Friends at Co-Ed Summer Camp near North Carolina


Going away to summer camp is one of the greatest experiences in a child's life. You might be wondering, why is it so great? Many parents don’t know how great summer camp is, especially if they never had the experience themselves. Well, for starters it gives children the perfect chance to compete and work together with tons of kids that are the same age to achieve a common goal.  This may be to win, learn, but mostly, but for every kid, it’s a chance to have fun and make some new friends without having to think about school! At our co-ed summer camp near North Carolina, boys and girls are given a chance to share experiences every single day with other campers. Children are exposed to new situations and opportunities that allow them to communicate and work more effectively with each other. At Camp Blue Ridge, campers will learn how to be a supportive, loyal, and in general, good friend! At Camp Blue Ridge, we encourage campers to be themselves, and accept others for who they are. We have created a supportive, safe, and friendly summer camp community where no one feels like they are being judged. Accepting others is the first step to making and keeping friendships. Many of our campers have said that they have met their best friends at summer camp. Whether it is through common summer camp activities, or running into each other at one of our summer camp facilities, children are destined to make lifelong friends this summer at Camp Blue Ridge. Our summer camp recognizes this unique opportunity for children, and how important it is for them to get the most out of their experience at Camp Blue Ridge. At our camp, children follow a structure that consists of a typical day at summer camp, which grounds them and gives them confidence to explore and grow. We have designed a program that encourages and teaches children to push themselves to achieve personal goals and reach their maximum potential. Most importantly, don't let your child miss a valuable opportunity to make new friends by sending them to summer camp! If you’re interested in sending your son or daughter to the best coed summer camp near North Carolina, look no further than Camp Blue Ridge! Contact us today at 706-746-5491 (summer) or 954-665-8686 (winter) for more information or to schedule a tour today!