Camp Blue Ridge Blog

Meet the Staff for 2017!

We are so excited for everyone to meet our Camp Blue Ridge Staff for summer 2017! They are coming from us from all over the US, England, Australia, Mexico, and more! As we gear them up for the summer, we can't help but notice just how enthusiastic and passionate they all are to make this the best summer possible! Without further ado... Rikki is our girl’s head counselor. She has been at CBR for 22 years!!! Connor is our boy’s head counselor. This will be his 5th summer working at Camp Blue Ridge! Brittany is our program director. She was a camper at CBR since she was 8, and has been a staff member for 7!! Dan is our water front director. This will be his 4th summer working at Camp Blue Ridge! Joe is our rock climbing director. He has worked at CBR for 3 summers now! Rachel is our waterskiing director. She has worked at Camp Blue Ridge for 6 summers now! Maddie is our camp photographer! She was a camper for 5 years, and this will be her 2nd year on staff! Zack and Jenna are our camp videographers! They will both be returning this summer for their 3rd time as a summer camp counselor! They both were also campers for years! Dan is our Lacrosse coach and is also a lifeguard! This will be his 2nd summer at CBR! Jonny is our wrestling coach and is also on climbing staff! He was a camper with us for 4 years and this will be his 2nd year on staff! Justin and Julie are our Archery instructors! They have both been at Camp Blue Ridge for 3 summers! Darrel is our CBR DJ! This is his first time working at summer camp! Matt is our boxing coach! This will be his second summer as a summer camp counselor! Danny is our paintball instructor! This will be his first time working at summer camp! Nathan, Joe, and Molly are our tennis coaches! Nathan will be a first time counselor at summer camp, Joe will be returning for his second summer, and Molly was a camper with us for 6 years, and now a staff member for 2! Franc is our skate park instructor. This will be his first time working at summer camp! Ricardo is our soccer coach returning for his second summer at CBR! Lucy and James will be out Go Carts instructors, both coming to CBR for the first time this summer! Alex and Aimee are our Riflery instructors, both coming to work at summer camp for the first time! Taylor and Cheryl are our gymnastics and cheerleading coaches! The rest of our Camp Blue Ridge summer camp lifeguards are Ben, Charlie, Garreth, Matt, Danny, Ben, Chloe, Emily, Lilli, Jordan, Kat, Allie, and Kayla! The rest of our rock climbing summer camp staff are Danny, Jacob, Noah, Sophie, Jessie, Paige, Georgia, and Alysha! We can't wait for our staff to get to camp in just a few weeks! These action packed activities are going to be amazing this summer! Only a few more weeks to go!