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Personal Growth at Sleepaway Camp


Here at Camp Blue Ridge, our campers arrived a few weeks ago and are having the best summer of their life! At our sleepaway camp near Tennessee, campers have endless hours of fun, learning, and even personal growth. Over the course of the summer, children are continuously learning and growing. Once you pick up your son or daughter at the end of the summer, you will notice a huge difference in maturity as well as a ton of different things that they learned! Keep on reading to learn some of the ways that children grow while away at summer camp at Camp Blue Ridge!
  • With the school year behind them, children need a break of all the stress. At Camp Blue Ridge, children can reconnect with nature by exploring all of our summer camp facilities. This day in age, children don’t understand how important it is to be outside and to take a break from the technology.
  • We are proud to have made a supportive and nonjudgmental atmosphere at Camp Blue Ridge. This is the perfect environment for children to be themselves without the fear of what others think. Instead, campers will leave at the end of the summer with a bunch of new friends that they will not be able to wait to be reunited with next summer!
  • For many children, attending summer camp is one of the first extended periods away from home and their family. From the moment that parents leave on drop off day, children are now in charge of themselves and have to make their own decisions. With the help of our trained and wonderful summer camp counselors, children learn how to be independent and responsible for themselves.
  • At summer camp, campers of all different ages, backgrounds, and ways of life will interact with your children. Summer camp is the perfect opportunity to practice social skills and communication. Through our summer camp activities, children learn leadership and how to work with others as a team. Many of these skills can’t be attained anywhere else, making summer camp one of the best places for children! Summer camp prepares children for the future and helps them to grow in ways that can’t be attained anywhere else.
If you’re looking for the best sleepaway camp near Tennessee for your son or daughter, look no further than Camp Blue Ridge. Call us at 706-746-5491 (summer) or 954-665-8686 (winter) for more information or to schedule a tour today!