Camp Blue Ridge Blog


Happy Friday CBR friends and family!!! It’s Taylor here with the latest 411 on all things Camp Blue Ridge! Sooo, the second week of Session B was absolutely PHENOMENAL(I mean, why would it be anything else!?) Let’s see…. Oh I know where we could start. Last Sunday, the teens went on a trip to the Coke Factory and Atlantic Station. That is one of the most liked trips, so naturally our teens had an awesome time! Wednesday night, the teens also went on a trip, however, it was just a night trip to the bowling alley! Still a fun time though.The 4th of July was a HUGE SUCCESS(like always)!! The fireworks show was incredible, along with the delicious barbeque dinner and beach party that went with it. The entire day, every camper/counselor was decked out in red, white, and blue!!  It was a super festive and fun holiday here at CBR. Last night, for the first time ever, there was a CBR paintball war!! Our wonderful paintball counselor Jess organized the whole thing, and she did a very good job! The campers that were 12+ got to actually participate, and the younger campers got to watch! Everyone had a blast. Tonight is the black and white social!! All of the girls are going to looks so beautiful and all of the boys are going to look extra handsome! I love socials; the whole camp is together in one place singing, dancing, talking, taking pics(thanks Maddie), and just having a genuinely good time:) On Wednesday night, the freshmen and junior cabins had a night activity called “Night at the Races”. Certain counselors competed in various events such as and egg toss, swim race, and plank contest. The campers would bet on the counselors they thought would win, and at the end of it all, there would be a winning cabin. The prizes were the following: pick a counselor to be thrown into the lake, pick a counselor to have an egg cracked on them, have a popsicle party, pick social dates,have Chester, one of the counselors tuck you in, and be first in line for dinner. I was actually picked to have an egg cracked on my head and then be thrown into the lake after!!! It was a very interesting experience, but it is one I will always remember, LOL! Tomorrow is the famous Visiting Day and Carnival!! CBR has a fun day ahead of them. The carnival will consist of a dunk booth, different activity booths, and an inflatable obstacle course!! Super awesome, right? On Sunday, the teens are going to Lake Lanier. I am sure they will have a fantastic time. Tomorrow night is the Camp Blue Ridge Talent Show!! I am 100% positive the campers and counselors taking part in it will be GREAT!! CBR is home to many talented souls, and watching them do their thing is extremely special! Now, we can’t forget about the spectacular activities up in your mountain of fun. This week in dance, I, along with Rachel Demarco, the other dance counselor, have been teacher dances to our CBR dancers for the dance show at the end of the session. In cheerleading, the campers have been learning cheers, how to stunt, and how to do the different jumps!! “GOOO BLUE RIDGE!!!”  Did someone say D major and A minor? And I don’t mean the major or minor you chose when you were in college! Guitar has really become a MAJOR hit this summer!! An insane amount of campers have been signing up each rotation, and by the time the rotation is over, they are guitar experts. Cards with Connor and tubing have become the most popular activities at camp!! Whether the campers are dealing cards or falling off a tube, you know their smiles are plastered across their face from ear to ear :) In a nutshell, the first two weeks of Session B have been outstanding, and we are all so ready to bring on these next three weeks!!! Well my friends, looks like my time here is done. Don’t miss me too much..Lots of love everyone!! XOXO, Taylor Goldman :)