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South Carolina Group Retreat

Surrounded by a beautiful mountain view, Blue Ridge Camp can provide your South Carolina Group with the best retreat and conference center that's located nearby in North Georgia. Camp Blue Ridge near South Carolina, group retreat and conference center is suitable to meet all of your needs. We charge one rate for lodging, meals, meeting places and fields. Call Camp Blue Ridge and sign up to reserve some time for a weekend Event, Group Conference, Retreat or other special program for your South Carolina School, Business, Church or Family. Camp Blue Ridge will take care of all the details from beginning to end. We understand hospitality and will work with you to determine your needs, help you design your event, and make it successful. Our group conference center and retreat facilities, providing you with meals, activities, and professional staff to help make your event run smoothly. Call Camp Blue Ridge at (summer) 706-746-549; (winter) 954-665-8686. For more information about our Group Conference and Retreat Center visit our website for more details.