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Special Events at CBR

A camper day to day routine at Camp Blue Ridge is always action pack. With 6 unique activity periods each day, and their schedule changing every 3 days, campers get the chance to participate in all of our 50 plus activities as often as they'd like. Activity areas are coed, with a mix of ages and skill levels. Counselors are trained to be accommodating to all of these aspects in their classes. Aside from our regular activities schedule, weekends call for special events at Camp Blue Ridge. On Friday nights, we kick off the weekend with an all-camp dance party, called Socials. Each week has a different theme, such as country western, super hero, pajama, and more! Line dances and party games are run by counselors and older campers, so no child is left on the sidelines. On Saturdays, we put aside our regular activity schedules. Saturday mornings are the only time cabins are required to stay together as a group. Each cabin is assigned a different area around camp to meet, where they come together to create a performance that will be done on stage that night in front of the whole camp. Whether it is a Bunk Lip Sync, Bunk Skit, Bunk Song, CBR Commercial, Bunk Talent, etc., our campers talk about these performances for years. Some cabins even begin to plan and practice performances for years to come! One of our favorite special events at Camp Blue Ridge is the 4th of July Extravaganza! On this day, our campers dress head to toe in Red, White, and Blue. At night we out on a beach party, outside BBQ cookout, and our counselors from England put on a kid friendly 4th of July reenactment with our American counselors! With good reason, this day at Camp Blue Ridge is one of our camper’s favorites! Check up on our next blog to learn more about our special events at Camp Blue Ridge! Were excited to tell you all about our family visiting day, carnival, Spook Night, Color War, and more!