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The Importance of Choosing an ACA Accredited Sleepaway Camp

Choosing a summer camp for your child is no easy doing. There are traditional summer camps, sports camps, theater camps, religious camps, and so many more options to research and choose from. When is comes down to it, what do we really want for our child? We want to make sure our child is in a safe and nurturing environment with properly trained and qualified people taking care of them.

When a summer camp is accredited by the American Camp Association they are sure to follow the highest level guidelines when it comes to staffing, activities, and the overall care and wellbeing of your child. In an article done by the American Camp Association, “Fun and Saftey: ACA-Accredited Camps Set the Standards”, an ACA accreddicaiton is described as a camp caring enough to undergo a throrough review of its operation- from staff qualifications and training to emergency management. It is ensured that when a camp forms a partnership with the ACA, that the overnight camp is not only a fun environment, but that they are truly committed to safety. The ACA agrees that saftey should be a priority when looking for a summer camp that is a right fit for your child. ACA standards exceed state licensing requirements going beyond the basic requirements for health, food service, programming, staffing, high risk activity areas, and more.

Camp Blue Ridge is proud to be an American Camp Association accredited camp for the past 53 years, providing your child with not only an unforgettable summer experience, but a safe and healthy one too!