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What Are the Benefits of Joining a Summer Camp?

Summer Camp

Summertime may have just ended, but it is never too early to start considering what your children will do next summer. If you’re looking for a way to keep your kids engaged and help them learn valuable life skills, enrolling them in a summer camp near Atlanta is a great option. Did you know that attending sleepaway camp can be crucial to a child’s development? In fact, studies have shown that summer camp can foster stronger relationships amongst youth and help kids grow mentally. Here are the top reasons why you should consider an overnight camp for your child this summer.

Nurtures Social Skills

The summer camp environment is a community away from home and school where campers can learn how to communicate and work with each other as well as with their adult mentors. At camp, they are required to build relationships and properly manage conflict through problem solving. It’s important for children to learn know how to navigate through group dynamics, keep each other happy, be sensitive to the needs of others, and support friends who are going through difficult times. These social skills will transfer into their adulthood and help them to build strong character and leadership skills.

Leads to Healthy Living

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that obesity in children has doubled and has quadrupled in teens in the last three decades. Enrolling your teen in camp can help them combat obesity since there are often an array of indoor and outdoor activities available to keep your child active and healthy. Many camps also strive to provide healthier food options for campers by incorporating more fruits and vegetables and teaching them how to prepare nutritious meals.

Enhances Self Confidence

Did you know that without something productive to do during the summer, children can lose as much as two-months worth of math learning. This time is also when reading comprehension and spelling skills take a hit. To curb the learning loss (what experts call “brain drain”), many camps offer activities such as arts & crafts, chess, outdoor skills, and more that help kids improve their creativity and problem-solving skills. Overnight camp is also a great opportunity for school children to develop their skills in reading, writing, and the arts.

Fosters Teamwork

The camp environment facilitates teamwork as kids learn that success comes from working together with their peers and leaders. Whether the activity is building a campfire together, playing a board game, or preparing a meal, campers will learn how to solve problems and find solutions to accomplish their goals, together. Teamwork teaches kids that each one of them is an integral part of the camp community, where they are accepted and belong.

Register Your Child for Summer Camp at Camp Blue Ridge

As a family-owned and operated summer camp near Atlanta, Camp Blue Ridge is a great place for youth to explore their interests and make new friends. We offer our campers a variety of activities to suit their interests and talents, including music, yoga, dance, mountain biking, aquatics, theater, archery, and more. If your child is between the ages of six to 16 and is looking for a great place to make new friends, stay active, and enjoy new learning opportunities and activities, Camp Blue Ridge’s overnight camp is the perfect choice.

To learn more about our sleepaway camp, including our amenities, food, activities, and staff, or to register for the upcoming camp season, contact us today.