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Why Is Summer Camp So Important for Children?

Millions of children attend summer camp each year in the United States, and for a good reason! Studies have shown that summer camp can benefit kids in more ways than one, including teaching them valuable life skills that they can carry with them into their adult years. If you live in Atlanta or Florida and are looking for a great summer activity for your children, sleepaway camp is a great option. Keep reading to see how summer camp can benefit your children and see where you can find the right summer camp near Atlanta.

Teaches Kids How to Get Along with Others

One of the biggest benefits of summer camp is that it helps with the development of social skills. Some of the most meaningful friendships and lessons happen in the camp environment. Because of the way activities and teamwork are organized at sleepaway camp, kids learn how to interact with both similar and different peers in a positive way. They learn how to express their feelings, share, work as part of a team, encourage others, and communicate effectively. They also learn one of the most important characteristics of all: empathy.

Helps Children Learn to Overcome Challenge

When children face challenges there are two general reactions. They may feel defeated and give up or get back up and try again. Summer camp encourages and trains children to face their challenges head-on with confidence. With the help of caring counselors, children learn how to practise resilience and stand on their own feet to make progress towards being strong, successful adults. They will be given opportunities to step outside their comfort zone through various activities and performances, and by successfully facing these risks and challenges, they will build their independence and self-esteem. The camp environment is a supervised and supportive environment for this type of character-building.

Helps Kids Stay Active and Get Fit

When school wraps up for the summer, there are many distractions that keep children inside and sitting on the couch. Video games, social media, and smart phones are all fighting for your children's attention and, believe it or not, these devices are known to contribute to the national epidemic of obesity and inactivity in young people. Summer camp is a great way to help your child stay active and fit because physical activity is well disguised through games and fun activities. Sleepaway camps encourage youth to unplug and adopt a healthy lifestyle with ease.

Teaches Kids How to Appreciate Nature

Establishing a connection with nature has many benefits to children and adults. It helps them stay active, reduces anxiety and stress levels, and helps form environmentally friendly habits at an early age. Nature walks, outdoor camping, canoeing, and scavenger hunts allow children to appreciate the beauty of the planet and helps improve their emotional and mental wellness.

Register Your Child for Summer Camp at Camp Blue Ridge

Camp Blue Ridge is a great place for your child to spend their time during the summer. From encouraging the development of social skills and improving their self-esteem to helping them stay active and learn about their environment, our summer camp near Atlanta provides many experiences that help kids grow. Some of our activities include music, yoga, dance, mountain biking, aquatics, theatre, archery, and more.

Open from March to Mid-June and from August to October, we also provide retreats for schools, temples, churches, special interest groups, and non-profits.

To learn more about our sleepaway camp, including our amenities, food, activities, and staff, or to register for the upcoming camp season, contact us today.