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All Parents Hope Their Child Thrives at Summer Camp

For a parent, sending their child to summer camp can evoke a range of emotions. Many parents may feel a sense of relief knowing that their child will be engaged in fun activities and making new friends. Some parents may feel a normal sense of worry about their child's safety and well-being while they are away from home. It's natural for parents to want to protect their children, but sending them to summer camp can be a powerful way to encourage growth and development in a safe and supportive environment. Parents can take comfort in knowing that they are providing their child with an enriching experience that will have a lasting impact.

What might a parent hope for when they send their child to sleep away camp? The list could go on and on, but somewhere on that list is making great friends, having role models like counselors, and having opportunities to grow and thrive. All these things are possible at Camp Blue Ridge summer camp!

Making Friends at Summer Camp

Whether your camper is shy or outgoing, every parent hopes that their child goes to camp and makes new friends. This is inevitable at camp. Living, breathing, eating, sleeping, playing, laughing, learning with your bunkmates is a recipe for “best friends forever”.

Counselors To Look Up To

High energy, empathetic, present, responsible… A parents' list could go on and on when describing who they want to care for their child at summer camp. Camp counselors play a crucial role in shaping the experiences of the campers they supervise. As mentors, counselors model positive behaviors, values, and attitudes, while providing guidance, support, and encouragement to their campers. They are responsible for creating a safe and supportive environment where campers can learn and grow, and they often serve as a source of inspiration for children as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of camp life. Counselors also help campers build important social and emotional skills, such as communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and empathy, by providing opportunities for them to practice and develop these abilities. Ultimately, the relationships between counselors and campers can be some of the most meaningful and impactful of the camp experience, with counselors serving as positive role models and trusted advisors who help campers thrive and grow.

Opportunities to Grow and Thrive

A parent can only hope for a positive outcome of any experience they send their child on. Stepping out of your comfort zone at camp forces your camper to gain independence, learn important social skills, and truly just have fun! Initial nerves are normal, but when your camper returns home as happy as can be, you know the camp experience was well worthwhile. They will be proud of themselves for successfully being away from home, they will have learned to pick up after themselves, how to ask for food properly, how to respect those around them, and how to befriend all different kinds of people! Again, the list goes on and on.

The Children’s Bureau, which focuses on helping kids thrive in all aspects of their lives, created a list in an article on, “Top Benefits of Summer Camp for Children”.

  • Socializing and friendship building
  • Eliminating screen time and getting exercise
  • Personal growth, learning, and development
  • Positive role models
  • Making memories

There are endless things a parent hopes for when sending their child to summer camp, but these few things are for certain.