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Camp Apparel 101

Any summer camp camper will tell you, there is nothing better than rocking your comfy camp apparel all summer, and all year, long! From the standard first day t-shirt, to the cozy sweatshirts, funky socks, hats, backpacks, and more! How you rock your camp apparel shows just how much you love your sleep way camp! - Camp t-shirts represent 2 of the best things that happen during your summer camp experience... the first day & field trips! The excitement that takes place on these events is unbelievable, and your camp t-shirt is the ultimate symbol of this excitement! -Being in the mountains in Georgia, camp hoodies are very necessary. Early mornings and late nights call for cool weather and getting cuddled up with your cabin friends in matching CBR hoodies! - Whether it's the pajama social or star gazing with your cabin, CBR pajama pants are worn for almost everything other than sleeping! - If you're the camper that wants to stand out in the crowd, our CBR baseball t-shirts or long sleeves will give you that extra style! Our Camp Blue Ridge campers love their camp apparel! Come to our Spring Open House April 23rd and shop our variety of camp apparel!