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Camp Blue Ridge’s Annual Fall Party

On Sunday, October 1st, Camp Blue Ridge hosted our annual Fall reunion and get together! What an amazing turn out! With almost 200 campers, potential new campers, families, and friends, it was an eventful day of games, prizes, food, and fun! It was so great to see all of our campers reunite after a few months of separation from our home away from home. From the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Georgia, to the Sawgrass GameRoom in South Florida, the friendships remained just as strong. It was also so nice to see friends and potentially new campers get along so well with our returners. We love to see the CBR family grow even more every year! Another highlight of the day was seeing our incoming Junior Counselors, our graduating campers from Summer 2017, step up and man the sign in booth and Experience Camps fundraiser. Experience Camps sets up 1 week summer camps for children who have lost a parent, sibling, or someone significant in their lives. For jus $1, everyone was able to enter a raffle for a an extra 30 minute game card! Our Junior Counselors raised $460.00 for Experience Camps! After enjoying pizza and soda, collecting all our tickets and prizes, we said our goodbyes and wrapped up what was an amazing day! Stay tuned for the next CBR get together which will take place in February!