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Because of Camp

By choosing a summer camp experience for your child, you've committed to their growth in the summer months, and for months to come. For a camper, at summer camp they see days filled with laughter, friends, adventure, and countless memories made. For a parent and camp director, at summer camp they see children learn, grow, develop, and become. The life lessons that come along with sending a child to summer camp are guaranteed to have your child's life enriched. Maybe your child will learn how to swim, how to socialize with other children better, try paintball for the first time, or maybe there will be that one staff member that will see something special in your child that you felt up until that point only you have seen. Whatever experiences your child may come across at sleep away camp, it will be a life changing one. There is certain wisdom in summer camp, and it is not until it has been experienced that we notice its weight. 5 Life Lessons Learned from Sleep Away Camp- American Camp Association 1.Build Relationships- Friendships made at sleep away camp are some of the strongest bonds. These are the types of friendships that last a lifetime. Camp helps children learn how to meet each other and get to know each other in the closest of circumstances. 2.Believe in Yourself- The shy child who sits in the back of the classroom can go to summer camp and take center stage at every weekend performance. The girly girl at home can go to summer camp and leave a soccer superstar. Camp provides you the opportunity to try new things, along with supportive counselors and friends to believe in you, and help you believe in yourself. 3.Empathize- Summer camp brings all different types of people from all sorts of places. Everyone comes with his or her own story, teaching children perspective, as well as different ways of life. Staff can come from all over the world, places maybe your child hasn't heard much about. 4.Embrace Diversity- Even as simple as counselors with unfamiliar accents can be a learning experience for your child. Children who are living in the same cabins can come from all sorts of backgrounds and ethnicities. Ideas, interests, games, jokes, can all be shared, as friendships grow. 5.Get Outside your Comfort Zone- Whether is seems different, terrifying, challenging, or impossible, at summer camp it is achievable. For some, even simply going to sleep away camp for the first time can be extremely out of their comfort zone. Dealing with insects, not sleeping in your own bed, etc., can take some getting use too, but makes for some of the best parts of summer camp. Whether its trying new activity, getting up on stage, or asking a girl to the dance, at first it may seem scary, but camp will get you through it. At Camp Blue Ridge, we pride ourselves on the growth of our children. There is nothing more rewarding then seeing a child transform and grow summer after summer. By building friendships, learning to believe in themselves, learning to empathize and embrace diversity, and getting outside of their comfort zone, your child's life will be forever changes, all because of camp. Allow your child to experience what summer camp has to offer!