Camp Blue Ridge Blog

The CBR Spirit!

There are no words to describe the buzz in the air every morning at camp; a feeling that puts an extra pep in our step even before our feet hit the floor. It's what makes us turn every meal into a dance party and makes every activity period feel like you just tried it for the first time! The energy of camp is hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it yourself. It’s easy to be in a good mood when nature is everywhere. There’s the beauty of our 2 man-made lakes, the way the surrounding mountains create a natural shade over the ball field. The beauty of camp is refreshing, and spending a few minutes appreciating the vast beauty is usually enough to get anyone going. Nature of course is a plus, but what really gives Camp Blue Ridge the true camp spirit is the people. The friendships and strength of relationship created over such a short amount of time is indescribable! Campers can’t help but run freely across camp because there’s so much excitement surrounding them, which starts from the staff and trickles down! Of course, not every moment is rainbows and butterflies, but the camp excitement never stops! It's what gets everyone- campers, staff, directors, & all- counting down until the next summer from the day one ends. Camp is a sense of happiness within all of us that we carry year round. It is why we are a summer camp for generations! Spend a summer at Camp Blue Ridge so you can feel it for yourself!