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CBR STAR Program-

Staff Training And Recreation

Dear STAR Applicants and their Families:

We are so excited to introduce the Staff Training and Recreation program at Camp Blue Ridge! At CBR we are so proud of the enthusiastic, positive, and loyal staff members that take such great care of our children each summer! This program has been created to better prepare our high school level staff for the important responsibilities being a camp counselor entails. STARs are in training and are not considered to be staff members during the program, nor are they campers. Instead, they are considered to be in a special and unique category with unique privileges, responsibilities, and requirements. Pricing information for the STAR Program can be found on the STAR application.

To be considered as a STAR, applicants must be entering their junior year of high school or higher. To apply, applicants can simply submit the STAR application form with short responses provided below. Once the STAR application form and responses have been received, the Camp Blue Ridge leadership team will contact the applicant to discuss the application. Placements will be made on a rolling basis throughout the fall and winter.

STAR applicants can request one of two sessions. The first session will take place during the first three weeks of the summer and the second one will take place during the entire 7 weeks of camp. All participants must be at camp for staff orientation. Although space is limited, we will work very hard to place accepted applicants into one of our two STAR programs.

STARs will participate in various training programs and hands on camp experiences designed to build their leadership ability, increase their skill competency, build their self-esteem, and educate them about the needs of children. The STARs program will be run by the leadership director, assistant director, and activity supervisors, who will work in conjunction with the camp’s administrative team. They will work together in a variety of team- building activities and to develop new skills, they will plan an Evening Activity and/or special event for the entire camp and help with special Saturday programs.

Each STAR will be assigned to a cabin. This will allow them to work directly with campers and to learn from counselors and head staff. During this time spent with their cabin, they will be in training, but will also be expected to be at evening activities with their cabin on certain nights and to run a cabin activity when the director or supervisor feels they are ready. They may also assist at varying activities throughout the day. STARs will never have the sole responsibility for supervising a group of campers during their weeks as a STAR.

Some of the training topics will include Group Work, Communication, Leadership, Child Abuse Prevention Training, Child Developmental Stages, Camp Blue Ridge family mission, and more. Throughout the program, the STARs will be evaluated by their peers and the staff and will be given feedback to help them become aware of both their strengths and their areas for growth. We will conduct criminal offender (CORI) and sexual offender (SORI) background checks on all STARs applicants who are over 17.

STARs positions are not guaranteed and depend on space and availability as well as the evaluation process. If you have any questions about the program, please email the Camp Director, at, or call (954) 558-4064.

Thank you and we are so looking forward to this incredible program for 2021! Another unforgettable summer at our home away from home!

~Joey & Lori Waldman, Directors

~Rikki Waldman, Assistant Director