Camp Blue Ridge Blog

The “CBR” Way

Here at Blue Ridge Camp, there is no doubt that the many traditions that have carried over throughout the years are what connect our campers through generations. But when it comes down to what really makes camp, camp, its the little things day to day that take a simple scheduled activity into something much more. At Blue Ridge Camp we are all about the energy and excitement, taking every activity, special event, meal, inspection period, and all, to the next level. It's way every meal turns into a dance party, randomly breaking out in conga lines actually isn't that random, screaming as loud as you can & dressing as wacky as you want is acceptable at every event- not just Color War, or the way baking a cake and pizza in your Archery activity is just as fun as getting to do it in your Cooking class. It's the little things like that that make CBR all that it is. It's "The CBR Way", and we wouldn't have it any other way. Join us this summer as see how we provide all our campers with the best summer of their lives, every single time. The dance parties will eventually come to end, but the memories will last a lifetime. #CBRforever