Camp Blue Ridge Blog

CBR’s 50th Anniversary Opening Day

After long awaited months of preparation and excitement, Camp Blue Ridge has finally opened the gates for the 50th anniversary summer. The camp staff stood all around the summer camp to welcome the campers and their families by giving tours of the camp grounds and settling in the campers. Each family that walked through the sleep away camp gates couldn't help but have a huge smile on their face. There were many first time campers, but many returning campers as well. Many of the older teen campers have been coming to this summer camp for many years and many have decided to make their last summer the best yet by staying the whole seven weeks. The office was filled with many nervous faces of first time campers but the instant that their counselor came to pick them up, they became more excited rather than nervous. After catching up with other families, unpacking their kids, and having lunch, the parents slowly made their way out and said their final goodbyes. Once all the parents had left, the bus pulled onto campus to drop off those who took the camp flight. Each cabin gathered outside the bus stop area with bright neon signs and loud chants to welcome the rest of the campers. Each camper came off the bus with a huge smile as the camp photographer, Maddie, took photos. One by one the campers got off the bus and ran into the arms of their bunk mates and counselors. From that moment on, we could tell it was going to be the most amazing summer yet.