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Discovering Your Camp “Jam” at Camp Blue Ridge

What’s your camp “Jam”? Is it the jelly you put with the sunflower butter on your camp sandwich? Could it be the cord you just learned during your first music period with the coolest long-haired counselor in camp? Is it the new song your bunk just rehearsed 20 times in a row for bunk lip sync night, ensuring it will be on replay in your head until well after you drift off to sleep? Maybe it’s the move you threw down in the gym that got your fellow campers and counselor chanting your name? Whatever your “Jam”, and who doesn’t like Jam…. Camp Blue Ridge has it and we love to “spread” the word about North Georgia’s best overnight residential camp for boys and girls this side of Atlanta.

As descried in an article by the American Camp Association, “Adolescence, Identity, and Summer Camp”, a child finding their identity is like a puzzle that summer camp can help piece together. Through successes, failures, relationships, conversations, dance parties, sports competitions… The experiences that a sleep away camp can offer can mold a child into the confident and independent person that they were born to be.

When choosing to send your child to Camp Blue Ridge, you are providing them with a one of a kind sleepaway camp experience. Handing them the tools they need to learn, grow, and find they niche. Let your child conquer their fears on the zip line as a friend cheers them on, lose their voice screaming as they are thrown off the tube, or feel the ultimate sense of accomplishment as they get up on stage and perform for the camp. Allow your child to find their “jam” at Camp Blue Ridge!