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Holding a Successful Conference in Georgia

campMAPDeciding to hold a conference or retreat is a great way to unify, rediscover, and make a plan, for your organization. By holding a conference or retreat, you are allowing your organization, business, and employees to refresh and renew. So how does one plan a conference or retreat? Begin with finding the perfect conference center in Georgia, particularly Camp Blue Ridge! Now that you’ve found it, follow these tips to guarantee that your next retreat or conference is successful!
  • Why are you having the retreat/conference? What do you plan on achieving while having your organization all together? Create a plan of what you want everyone to benefit from at the retreat.
  • When putting together the retreat schedule, pick retreat and conference activities that everyone will enjoy and that promote working together as a team. Also make sure to include a lot of free time to give everyone a break. While the purpose of the retreat is to accomplish a lot in a small amount of time, it is also an opportunity for everyone to get away from the stress and relax. Everyone likes to have a little time to themselves, so make sure that you include them.
  • When it comes to budgeting, Camp Blue Ridge is affordable and the perfect option. Our Georgia conference and retreat center has everything that you and your organization will need for a successful retreat.
  • Tour the campgrounds and get a sense of what conference and retreat facilities you can use. Ask questions and makes sure that the conference center has everything that you are looking for in order to have the best retreat for your organization.
Remember, these are the beginning of your conference and retreat planning! If you’re looking for the best Georgia conference facility, then you’ve found it at Camp Blue Ridge! Call us today at (954)-668-6888 and speak with Lori Waldman for more information on having a conference at Camp Blue Ridge!