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How Camp Blue Ridge Integrates New Campers

The family-like atmosphere at Camp Blue Ridge is one of many things that makes the summer camp experience here so special. The ability to transcend from strangers to best friends within days is something that just doesn’t happen in the real world. Camp provides a safe and nurturing environment for campers to step out of their comfort zones, away from their cell phone screens, and into a world of acceptance, excitement, and a whole lot of love.

At Camp Blue Ridge, the family feeling means everything. Being family owned and operated, every decision that is made, every activity that is planned, every meal that is served, is thought through and decided as a family! That concept is put into everything that we do. The most important aspect that goes into create this type of environment starts with making sure every new camper is welcomed in the best way possible.

As a new camper, there are a wide range of emotions one might feel. Being away from home for the first time can be scary, and that’s why at CBR we strive to make sure you find a home away from home at camp. In an article in the ACA magazine for camp staff and owners, “Scared or Prepared”, it is agreed we have to take campers from scared to excited. We have found that these 5 factors are most successful when it comes to welcoming new campers into our camp family.


Welcoming campers into our family starts way before they arrive at camp. Throughout the year we connect new campers with camp families local to them, as well as other campers of their age group. Making those connections before camp can make arrival less nerve raking and more exciting! 

Familiar Faces

Again, throughout the year we setup get togethers, zoom calls, and more to create opportunities for campers and parents to meet each other, our team, and create a comfort zone before camp even begins. 

Being approachable

At CBR you are never alone. Communicating to our campers that our staff, directors, and owners are always available and present for a chat, a hug, or anything you may need, is something that we focus heavily on.  

First impressions are important!

From the second our campers get out of the car or hop off the bus, they are welcomed with excitement, conversation, and guidance. Those first moments will set the tone for a new campers camp experience. At CBR, everyone is welcomed with a smiling face, they are assisted with any luggage and unpacking that needs to be done, and they are surrounded by an active and enthusiastic environment. Our staff communicate with our new campers what exactly will happen next and answer any questions. And most importantly, ice breakers and cabin bonding begins immediately. 

Follow through

Integrating new campers doesn’t end the first day, or even the first week. It is important to observe and check in to make sure campers are included, feel accepted, and our building the important relationships that make camp feel like home. 

Join our forever family at Camp Blue Ridge.