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How To Effectively Communicate with Your Camper at Sleepaway Camp

Sending your child to a sleepaway camp can be an exciting and enriching experience, but as a parent, staying connected with your camper is essential for their well-being and your peace of mind. When asked, summer Camps in Georgia agree that effective communication is the key to maintaining a strong bond and ensuring your camper feels supported. Here are some valuable tips shared by the best sleep away camps in Georgia on how to communicate effectively with your camper while they're away.

Establish Clear Communication Channels-

Before your camper heads off to camp, establish clear communication channels with the camp organizers. Understand the camp's communication policies, whether through emails, letters, or scheduled phone calls. Knowing the official channels will help you stay informed and avoid misunderstandings.

At Camp Blue Ridge, our campers and parents communicate through our 2-way email. The best summer camps in Georgia all use their own sort of communication method between campers and parents, aside from regular snail mail.

CBR parents also have a direct line to camp directors and health center staff. 

Send Personalized Letters-

Nothing beats the charm of a handwritten letter. Sending personalized letters shows your camper that you took the time to craft a thoughtful message. Share updates about family activities, ask about their experiences at camp, and express your love and encouragement.

Camp Blue Ridge, along with other sleep away camp in Georgia, recommend asking open ended questions, using positive and encouraging verbiage, and sharing updates from home life. 

Utilize Care Packages –

Surprise your camper with care packages filled with their favorite snacks, small games, or even a new book. Personalize the packages to make them feel special and loved. Including a heartfelt note will add an extra touch, reinforcing your connection and providing a tangible reminder of your presence.

Camp Blue Ridge recommends sending games and accessories for the entire bunk to use and share.

Coordinate with Camp Staff-

Establish a positive relationship with the camp staff. Regularly communicate with them to gain insights into your camper's activities, achievements, and any challenges they may be facing. This collaboration ensures that everyone is on the same page and helps address any concerns promptly.

Camp Blue Ridge gives camp parents access to the direct line all summer long. CBR, along with all other sleep away camps in Georgia and across the country, agree that trust and comfortability are extremely important when sending your child away for the summer. 

Schedule Phone Calls-

Arrange scheduled phone calls to connect with your camper during their time at camp. Knowing when to expect a call can create a sense of anticipation and regularity. Keep the conversations positive, focusing on their experiences, new friends, and the exciting activities they're participating in.

At CBR, you can schedule a phone call with your camper 1 week after arrival. We allow our campers time to adjust and acclimate before the call. 

Reflect on the Experience Together-

When your camper returns home, take the time to reflect on their camp experience together. Discuss the highs and lows, celebrate their achievements, and acknowledge the personal growth they've undergone. This reflection fosters open communication and strengthens your bond.

At Camp Blue Ridge, we understand that the summer at camp is not just an experience for the camper, but for the parents as well. At CBR we involve our parents as much as possible, helping us provide each camper with the most successful summer experience we can for each individual.

Ask any summer camp director at the various sleep away camps in Georgia- effective communication with your camper at sleepaway camp is a two-way street. By establishing clear channels, sending thoughtful messages, and respecting their independence, you can foster a strong connection that lasts beyond the camp experience. Keep the lines of communication open, stay positive, and support your camper's growth and exploration during this exciting chapter of their life. Camp Blue Ridge is here to help you along the way!