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Life Lessons at Summer Camp near Tennessee


Let’s be honest, who didn’t love going to summer camp as a child? Summer camp was filled with fun, excitement, and adventure. Not to mention all of the different life skills and personal growth. At summer camp, you become more independent, confident, and learned a ton of new skills. At Camp Blue Ridge, a summer camp near Tennessee, you can give your children the same experiences and more! Keep on reading to learn some of the life lessons and skills that children will learn by attending summer camp.
  • As soon as you drop off your son or daughter at summer camp, they become independent. They are no longer dependent on you as a parent. Instead, they learn to take care of themselves, follow directions, and make the right choices.
  • By participating in a variety of summer camp activities, children will try out new activities that they can’t find anywhere else. At Camp Blue Ridge, we have created a safe and supportive community where children can try anything they put their mind to and not feel judged by their fellow campers. By living in this kind of community, children gain confidence to try out new things and not be afraid of failing. Our experienced and fantastic summer camp staff is there to guide children and help them reach personal goals and maximize their talents while learning all of these awesome activities.
  • Children will learn how important it is to reconnect with nature at summer camp. A typical day at summer camp is filled with plenty of time for children to explore the outdoors and go on a new adventure. Check out our summer camp photo gallery to see some of the outdoor activities that children can take part in at Camp Blue Ridge!
  • Summer camp activities are all about teamwork. Campers will learn to work as a team and communicate with others. This is a key developmental behavior that children in elementary and middle school often need to learn or improve in.
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