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Overnight Camp in Georgia

This time of year, as the weather gets warmer and the birds start chirping, the thought of summer camp may be lingering in your mind. Summer camp isn’t that far off, and it’ll be here in just a few months and we couldn’t be more excited! You should think of enrolling your child in a great overnight camp in Northern Georgia, because summer camp works wonders. With the colder weather from this past winter, your child might’ve been spending more time watching television, texting or playing video games. It's a good time to remember summer camp experiences that foster growth and strengthen values and confidence. Plan now for summer camp, where your child will be nudged out of their comfort zone and challenged. At summer camp they'll try new things and learn to make decisions. Summer camp creates opportunities for teamwork, to learn how to work with others, build relationships and learn how to overcome obstacles. Seeing your child grow and excel because of their experiences at summer camp is incredible. Enrollment for this summer has been flowing in at Camp Blue Ridge and we're excited and looking forward to meeting our camp families, and those who would like to explore the opportunities that are offered at summer camp. If you're undecided, now is a good time to set up a tour or to call us at (954) 665-8686 to learn more about our programs. Overnight camp is a way for your child to make the most of their summer vacation. We guarantee that they will absolutely love their time with us. Everyone at Camp Blue Ridge in Northern Georgia is dedicated to helping your child develop into a successful, self-assured camper, ready to tackle the world. Who wouldn’t want to go to overnight camp at Camp Blue Ridge! 079.jpg