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Prepare Your Child for Summer Camp at Camp Blue Ridge

As summer approaches, it’s almost time for your child's sleep-away camp adventure at Camp Blue Ridge! Whether it’s a 2, 5, or 7-week session, we guarantee they'll return with cherished memories and personal growth to share with you. While camp promises excitement, it can also trigger nerves and anxiety for both parents and campers.

We're here to help ensure a smooth and successful experience at CBR, and preparation is key!

1.Familiarize Your Child with Camp Life

Engage in frequent discussions about camp life with your child leading up to summer. Set realistic expectations and help them understand the daily routine, activities, and rules. You can find details on our website or in your CampDoc account. Browse our social media for thousands of photos and videos from past summers, painting a vivid picture of what to expect. Encourage making new friends, trying new things, and embracing new experiences.

2.Pack Together

Involve your child in packing to ensure they have everything they need. Use the CBR packing list to gather essential items like clothing, toiletries, bedding, and activity-specific gear. Label belongings to prevent mix-ups or losses, fostering familiarity and comfort at camp.

3.Address Homesickness

Prepare your child for possible homesickness, especially if it’s their first time away from home. Normalize these feelings, provide comfort items, and emphasize the exciting adventures awaiting them at camp.


Work on independence and communication skills leading up to camp. Practice health and hygiene routines, self-care tasks, and social skills to boost confidence and readiness.

5.Establish Open Communication

Maintain open communication throughout camp. Use tools like CBR’s E-notes 2-way communication system for daily updates, allowing your child to share experiences, challenges, and achievements.

The American Camp Association's guide “Preparing for Camp” offers a detailed planning process from fall to summer for sleep-away camp readiness.

Preparing your child for summer camp involves careful planning, open communication, and a supportive attitude. At Camp Blue Ridge in North Georgia, we offer a unique opportunity for children to learn, grow, and create lifelong memories while forming lasting friendships. With proper preparation and support, your child is ready to embark on their summer camp adventure confidently!