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Preparing for Summer Camp near South Carolina


Now that drop-off day at summer camp is getting closer, is your child ready? Don’t worry; a little anxiety is completely normal for both campers and parents. Here at Camp Blue Ridge, we have been dealing with this for years and would like to help you! Here are some tips to prepare your son or daughter for summer camp near South Carolina:
  • Involvement- Whether its picking a summer camp for packing for summer camp, get your child involved in the process. Use the summer camp packing list and pack everything up together. This will get your son or daughter excited about going away, as well as make them feel more comfortable with the idea.
  • Practice- Have a practice weekend away from home. Have your child go to a family or friends house for the weekend so he or she can get used to sleeping over somewhere other than their own bed. Pack an overnight bag together and remind them how they should be acting while away.
  • Visit- If you haven’t already, schedule a summer camp visit. This will give your child a chance to see the summer camp facilities that they will be using this summer. Ask about the fun summer camp activities that the camp offers. Also see if you can meet any of the summer camp staff. All of this will get your son or daughter more comfortable with the summer camp.
  • Reminders- Don’t ask your son or daughter what they are worried about happening at summer camp. This will make them think that they should be afraid of something at summer camp. Instead, give them reminders of all the fun memories and new friends they are going to make this summer. Summer camp is meant to be a fun new experience, not a stressful, anxiety-ridden time!
  • Homesickness- To reduce feelings of homesickness, pack some reminders of home. A couple of pictures, a stuffed animal, anything that will remind your son or daughter of home. Homesickness at summer camp is inevitable and extremely common.
If you’re interested in the best summer camp near South Carolina, contact Camp Blue Ridge at (706)-746-5491 [summer] or (954)-665-8686 [winter] to schedule a tour or for more information today!