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Questions to Ask Yourself When Selecting A Summer Camp near North Carolina

Do you live in North Carolina and are considering sending your child to summer camp in Georgia this summer? Camp Blue Ridge in Georgia is a great option. Consider these questions when looking for camps.

1) What do you and your children want? Include your child in the decision. Find out what their child wants to do at camp and why. Does your child want to learn a new skill or become more proficient in a skill they already have. From there decide if there are other factors or restrictions that need to be considered. 2) What type of programs and activities does the camp offer?     Camp Blue Ridge near North Carolina offers a wide array of summer camp activities from sports to arts and crafts as well as field trips and events. Call the camp and ask to discuss what a typical day at sleep away camp would consist of. This can be advantageous in helping you decide if your child will be happy with that camp. Ask how much freedom your child has in choosing their activities. 3) What are the goals of the camp? Find out what the camps goals are and how the camp aims to treat your child. Are family visits or communication with campers allowed? How do they handle homesickness? Find out how long the directors have been there and what their priorities are when hiring staff. Factors to consider if the camp conducts background checks and what the staff-to-camper ratio is. There is no "right" answer to these questions, but the answers might help to decide if this camp is the right fit.  4) What is the total cost? A great camp experience can be a long-term investment that will affect other aspects of your child's life. Generally, children will attend sleep away camps from two to eight weeks. The price of summer camp varies based on the session and length of time your child will attend. Also find out:  •        Is your deposit refundable? •        Are there extra charges for any activities? •        Are meals and transportation included? •        Is financial aid available? While North Carolina is great, sending your child to sleep away camp in Georgia at Camp Blue Ridge is the perfect home away from home. Being close to home often causes experiences to be lost. But at Blue Ridge your child will always be occupied and having fun, leaving no time for them to be homesick! Finding the right camp for your children can be challenging, but these questions should help you narrow down your choices and provide your child with memories they'll remember forever. If you’re interested in a summer camp near North Carolina, contact Camp Blue Ridge at 706-746-5491 (summer) or 954-665-8686 (winter) for more information or to schedule a tour! blueridge18