Camp Blue Ridge Blog

The Annual CBR District Games

This past Sunday night was like no other. The teens had just gotten back from their long and exhausting day at the Lake Lanier Water Park and the freshmen/junior village had a nice day of activities. After dinner, each village went to their night activity, not knowing that in just a few moments they would hear the hunger games whistle. About half way through the activities, the whistle played on the camp's PA system and all the campers sprinted to the flag pole. Counselors Jessie and Taylor stood in their wacky costumes and broke out district games. The theme this year was seasons. District 17 was fall, district 35 was winter, district 8 was summer, and district 42 was spring. Each team had two counselor mentors and two camper captains. Each of the four pairs of mentors stood on the cafeteria porch and let down a huge scroll of all the members in their district. All the campers frantically ran to see what team they were on and joined their team. They all knew the next to days were going to be tough but they were each determined to win. The two days were full of different events, activities, and competitions between villages and teams. There were relays, dance offs, cook offs, and so much more. The finale required a chariot, a flag, and a war cry from each team so each district assigned people to work on them. In the end, district 17 (fall) won the 2019 district games! Congratulations to district 17 and to everyone who gave district games their all!