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4 Everlasting Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids

Summer Camp for Kids

Despite it only being January, it’s never too early to start thinking about summer break. One of the best activities for your child to do this summer is to attend summer camp. Not only will it help them pass the time, but they will also have fun with their peers, learn new skills and activities, and grow in self-confidence and awareness as they interact with others. Here are four everlasting benefits of summer camp for kids and why you should choose our overnight camp for your child.

Improves Mental Stimulation & Physical Health

If you've ever heard of terms like “summer learning loss”, “summer brain drain”, or “the slide”, you've probably made it your priority to find ways to stimulate your child's learning and physical activity during the summer months when they are out of school. To keep kids active both mentally and physically during the summer, consider sending them to a summer camp. They will learn how to create games and activities and use their natural talents instead of simply sitting on the couch and playing video games.

Helps Kids Build a Unique Interest

Unlike schools, kids’ camps provide games that are designed to engage campers and help them develop unique interests and skills. Although your child may be introduced to their favorite sport through school, summer camp offers an even greater variety of options that they can focus on without juggling their commitments to schoolwork. Overnight camp provides a great distraction-free environment that lets kids test out new interests and hobbies.

Reinvents and Eliminates Categories

When students attend the same school year after year with the same group of peers, they can end up influenced by labels or stuck with a certain perception. They may be labeled as studious and quiet when they are actually very creative and enthusiastic outside of the school setting. Children who attend sleepaway camps will meet a new group of people from different backgrounds and  environments, which can help them break free of labels or categories. Everyone gets shaped by their environment in some way or another, so switching it up with the camp environment will help children recognize other parts of their personality.

Reinforces Independence and Confidence

No environment brings out and tests your child’s independence more than when they are away from their parents. Without their parents supervising them, kids who attend summer camp will need to learn how to make decisions for themselves. They will need to discipline themselves to brush their teeth, make their bed, and manage their time. At overnight camp, they will have the opportunity to truly understand the thought process involved in making good decisions and they will discover more about themselves in the process. When children have questions, they can lean on their peers for support.

Register Your Child for Summer Camp at Camp Blue Ridge

If you are looking for the right summer camp that fosters your child's growth and development, look no further than Camp Blue Ridge. Children can explore a variety of interests and talents, including music, yoga, dance, mountain biking, aquatics, theater, archery, and more. Open from March to mid-June and from August to October, we also provide retreats for schools, temples, churches, special interest groups, and non-profits.

To learn more about our amenities, food options, and the activities available or to register for the upcoming camp season, contact us today.