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Why You Should Send Your Child to Sleepaway Camp

For many parents, sending their child to a sleepaway summer camp can be a nerve-racking. Entrusting your children to the camp environment can be a big step for you and your child. However, there are many benefits to overnight camps for kids. Not only will it help them become more independent and responsible on their own, it will also open them up to a world of opportunity to make new friends, enjoy tech-free fun, overcome challenges, and much more! Here’s why you should consider sending your child to a sleepaway camp for kids this summer.

Sleepaway Camp for Kids

Sleepaway Camp Boosts Kids’ Confidence

Overnight camp may be the first time your child is away from home for a long period of time. At first, they may be uncomfortable or nervous, but soon they will develop skills that they need as they get older. They will learn how to be self-confident, how to get out of their comfort zone, how to rely on the support of people other than their parents, and how to take on responsibilities, all while being supported by counselors and camp staff.

Sleepover Camp Builds Resilience

The camp environment is not all about play. Sometimes there are tasks that need to be accomplished and opportunities to learn new things. As kids occasionally struggle to learn something new, they learn how to take chances and safe risks. They may not excel at everything, but they can discover what they are good at by trying everything. Even if they fail, they will be in an environment that supports their efforts, which is an important lesson for kids to learn.

Children Get Used to Living without Electronics

Another benefit of sleepaway summer camp for kids is that children learn how to enjoy their free time without being connected to a screen. They can enjoy reading a book, going for a nature walk with friends, or playing games with their peers. This builds their social and communication skills, which are vital as they grow into adults.

Kids Can Make New Friends

At sleepaway camp, kids will interact with other children from diverse backgrounds. As they learn to understand and respect each other’s differences, they will also appreciate what makes them unique. They will learn how to socialize in a respectful manner and make lasting friendships as they connect.

Kids Learn about Responsibilit

At camp, kids are responsible for making their beds and keeping their cabins tidy. They may also be required to take turns helping with dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, or setting up for activities. Whatever tasks they are assigned, they will learn how to work as a team and be responsible as they participate.

Kids Learn about Independence

When children are able to spend time away from their parents and behave, take care of themselves, and work with their peers, it helps them develop a stronger sense of accomplishment and independence. After attending summer camp, kids have a higher self-esteem because they have learned how to handle and overcome challenges on their own.

Register Your Child for Summer Camp at Blue Ridge

If you are looking for the right sleepaway camp that fosters your child's growth and development, look no further than Camp Blue Ridge. At our camp, your child can explore various interests and talents, including music, yoga, dance, mountain biking, aquatics, theatre, archery, and more. They can try all sorts of activities to discover their strengths and favorites.

Our camp is open from March to Mid-June, and from August to October, and we provide retreats for schools, temples, church groups, and special interest groups/non-profits.

Want your child to enjoy an incredible learning and socializing experience near you? Contact us on our web site or by calling 1-(954) 665-8686 and we will answer all your questions.