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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Summer Camp in Georgia


Summer camp is what kids look forward to every year. Spending time running around outside and being surrounded by friends is something kids count down to. So what should you look for when choosing a summer camp? Here are a few questions to ask when choosing a summer camp in Georgia to send your child for the best summer of their lives. 1. What does the camp want your children to leave with? What are their goals? Who are the directors? Do you think that your son or daughter will leave with new skills? Does the camp have a philosophy that they follow? If so, do you agree with it? 2. How is staff hired? Find out if they are CPR certified and know other basic first aid. Did the camp preform a background check before hiring them? These people will be in charge of your kids during their summer camp activities so make sure you trust the camp’s judgment. Eighty percent of the staff should be at least 18 years old and counselors should be at least two years older than the group they are supervising. 3. Is there a nurse or doctor and where is the closest hospital? Most camps have a nurse always on the grounds but its not necessarily required. Find out if there is a nurse or doctor and if so, what is their background? What are they stocked to handle? 4. How does the camp handle disagreements and fights between the campers? Learn about the camp’s rules and make sure that your child will be able to follow them. If you don’t think the summer camp's rules will go over well with how your child behaves, then that camp is probably not the right choice. 5. What will your son or daughter be doing all day? Is your child interested in learning a specific skill? If so, see if its offered and how much time your child will spend doing that. Also see how many times they will be taking breaks during the day and what the summer camp schedule consists of. For more information about our sleep away summer camp in Georgia, contact Camp Blue Ridge at (summer) 706-746-5491 or (winter) 954-665-8686.