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Benefits of Summer Camp near North Carolina


Over eleven million children and adults attend summer camp each year. What makes summer camp so popular that this many people are going? Well the answer is pretty simple, summer camp is extremely beneficial to children. At Camp Blue Ridge, we know this and strive to give children the best summer ever. To support this, we have come up with a few of the benefits of summer camp near North Carolina!
  • Community- By sending your child to summer camp, you are sending them to a safe and supportive community where they can feel free to be themselves. Unlike school, summer camp creates a nonjudgmental environment where children can try new things without the fear failure.
  • Social Skills- At summer camp, children are guaranteed to meet new people, whether its children or adults. Children will make new friends and will be improving their social skills. It is very common for children to meet new children with similar interests and goals that they can open up to and bond with. Many of our campers say they met their best friends at Camp Blue Ridge and look forward to being reunited every summer.
  • Unplug- Children are given an opportunity to explore the outdoors at summer camp without being attached to a cell phone or other electronic. Our summer camp location is the perfect place to do this. We are located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in northern Georgia. With over 250 acres of land, our summer camp facilities are the perfect place for children to have a great time at summer camp, without time for electronics.
  • Adventures- What’s summer camp without an adventure? Every day is a new day and a chance to participate in new summer camp activities. Children will get to choose from over 50 different activities in the areas of athletics, sports, outdoor adventures, art, and more! Children will learn new skills and participate in programs that they can take home with them and continue once summer camp is over.
Remember, these are only a few of the many benefits of summer camp! If you’re still looking for a summer camp near North Carolina for your son or daughter contact Camp Blue Ridge today at 706-746-5491 (summer) or 954-665-8686 (winter)!