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Pack for Summer Camp near Alabama


Before we know it, drop off day at Camp Blue Ridge will be here! The school year is coming to an end which means that the excitement for summer camp is growing more and more every day. Since drop off day is about a month away, this makes is the perfect time to start packing for summer camp near Alabama. While you still have time to pack, beginning early will prevent unnecessary stress later and give you time to make sure you have everything! What do I need to pack for summer camp? That is one of the top questions we get here at Camp Blue Ridge. First, we recommend you look at our summer camp packing list. We created this list with years of experience behind us. It has everything necessary to have a great summer at Camp Blue Ridge. The next step is to label everything. Use a laundry pen or waterproof label to write your camper’s name on every single article you send to camp. Next, pack everything in a trunk. Trunks are easy to organize and campers basically live out of them all summer. Invest in a trunk that will be able to withstand a couple of summers at camp without getting destroyed. If your son or daughter plans on playing any sports at summer camp, pack their equipment. While we do supply equipment for our summer camp activities, some children may choose to use their own. Make sure these are labeled as well! Try to avoid packing anything that is of value or will be missed if it gets lost. Like most summer camps, we don’t allow electronics or cell phones. But don’t worry, your son or daughter will have so much fun on a typical day at summer camp that he or she won’t even need to use their phone. Last, don’t overpack. Yes, we know that you want your child to have everything they might need and more, but overpacking increases the risk of something getting lost. Now that we’ve given you a little help, start packing! If you’re looking for the best summer camp near Alabama, call Camp Blue Ridge at 706-746-5491 (summer) or 954-665-8686 (winter) for more information or to schedule a tour today!