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Perfect Age for Summer Camp near Tennessee


Are you still trying to decide if your son or daughter is old enough to go to summer camp this summer? We understand that sending your child to summer camp near Tennessee is a big decision and here at Camp Blue Ridge, we want to help you! While there is no specific “perfect age” to start summer camp, there are ways to figure out if your child is ready for this new adventure. Consider these next few questions and tips to help you decide whether or not your child should go away to summer camp this year. First, has you child shown any interest in attending summer camp? This is an obvious sign as to whether or not your son or daughter is ready. If they have brought it up to you, take them to visit one! Check out the summer camp facilities and learn about all of the summer camp activities that are offered. If your child still seems excited after this visit and wants to try it out, they are probably old enough and ready. Second, has your son or daughter ever had trouble leaving you? If your child has shown difficulty leaving the house or leaving your side, he or she may not be ready this year. At summer camp, children are expected to be independent and shouldn’t be weary about spending the day without you. While attending summer camp fosters independence, children still need to be able to do things on their own and not everyone is ready for that. Last, speak with some of the summer camp staff. See what they have to say about the “perfect age” and what a typical day at summer camp would look like. If you don’t think your son or daughter will be able to handle it, try looking at camps again next summer. The summer camp director and counselors are there to answer any questions or concerns you may have, so definitely call! When it comes to summer camp, there is no specific age to start that I can give you. Follow these tips and talk it out with your son or daughter to ultimately make the decision to attend summer camp. If you think your child is ready, call Camp Blue Ridge, the best summer camp near Tennessee for more information or to schedule a tour at 706-746-5491 (summer)/ 954-665-8686 (winter)!