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Bigs and Littles

Most children at camp, especially younger and newer campers, have trouble being away from home. Homesickness is at its peak the first few days of camp because everyone is adjusting to their new life at sleep away camp. To make that transition a bit easier, we assign each of the oldest campers a little brother or sister from one of the younger cabins. We call this big sister/little sister and big brother/little brother. This activity has become a tradition at CBR and has been beneficial for everyone. The older kids learn to be good role models and feel a sense of responsibility and maturity. The younger kids feel more safe and always have someone to go to. We even do plenty of activities together that strengthen these bonds such as eating meals together or the big little relay. The relationships made during the big/little period are truly amazing, despite the large age gap. The big/little activity is something to look forward too as campers grow throughout the years at CBR!