Camp Blue Ridge Blog

A Day in the Life of a CBR Camper

Today we are in our third rotation for activities and the campers are finally getting the hang of things. Campers get to choose their own activities every three days, so this way they have the chance to try out every activity or continue to learn more in specific activity areas. By this time, we have campers learning and doing more everyday. There are more than 30 campers who are in the camp production of Grease. There are campers who are learning the proper way to hackey-sack, something they may never have showed interest in doing. There are campers learning to play songs on the guitar for the first time. Camp has given a place for these kids to find out what they are passionate about. A CBR camper spends each day working to reach a new goal in a new activity and will keep trying and never give up. With the help of our amazing staff, these kids are acquiring phenomenal skills they may not get the chance to do at home.