Camp Blue Ridge Blog

Fourth of July Extravaganza

Thursday may seem like any other normal camp day, but this Thursday was absolutely not! It was the fourth of July and you could feel the excitement in the atmosphere here at CBR. While activities carried out normally, counselors and campers were extra enthusiastic and decked out in red, white, and blue to celebrate independence day! We don't take the fourth of July lightly, we go all out at camp. After shower hour, campers gathered around the flag pole with their cabins for a barbecue with burgers and hotdogs. Our amazing chef Robson and his team made a marvelous American flag cake with strawberries and blueberries to top it off. The cake was almost life size in comparison to a real American flag! Following the cake eating was a pie eating contest, a pool party, and of course the fireworks show! The whole night was spent enjoying good music, dancing, relaxing, and with really great people. This past fourth of July will now be a wonderful memory that these campers will carry forever.