Camp Blue Ridge Blog

CBR at Dark

A day at Camp Blue Ridge consists of activities all day long... but what do we do at night? Well, after the campers have showered and ate dinner, we put together a night activity for the campers to play a fun game and hangout with everyone. Night activities sometimes include the entire camp or they can be separated into a teen activity and a freshmen/junior activity. Something really special that the teen village gets to participate in is Wednesday night field trips. Every Wednesday night, the teens and a few counselors are sent off after dinner to go skating, bowling, or even to watch a movie at the local theater. Just last night there were two separate activities for the villages. The teens night activity was capture the flag, but four ways. Each camper was placed onto a team and camper captains were chosen to represent the team. Each team was a color: red, blue, yellow, and green. While the teens were running around on the sports field, the younger campers were up to something just as exciting. We introduced the brand new activity called Banana Rama. The point of the game was to get a banana and take it around camp to complete a set of tasks, one such as dressing up the banana in a costume. During this nighttime madness, we could see cabins running together all over camp to get these tasks complete while all the teens were busy jumping and chanting for their team to win. As chaotic as this sounds, it turned out to be an amazing night for everyone, counselors included. The best thing about night activities is that it gives everyone a chance to bond as a camp family and everyone can go to sleep with a positive attitude.