Camp Blue Ridge Blog

Random Acts of Kindness

Here at camp we like to focus on the positive. Every Friday night, we hold services before the social. These aren't just any kind of Friday night services, they are friendship services. The services are run by the oldest campers who help lead in singing songs about friendship with the entire camp. This has been an awesome way to unite the campers as one big family while singing, clapping, and swaying to the songs together. Between each song, random acts of kindness that were submitted into a box are selected and read in front of the whole camp. These random acts of kindness that are read out loud gives the chance for that camper to be rewarded for the kind things they do for others. The amazing thing about this is that sometimes it can be the kids you will least expect it from. This activity helps shine the light on the positive aspects and is also encouragement for the kids to continue being kind people. Some random acts of kindness from this past week are listed below:

"Lily and Aanya in G-16 for giving me stamps when I needed them"

"Thank you Haley in G-22 for voluntarily giving up her spot on the whitewater rafting trip for me"

"William in B-22 for always being positive and putting others before himself"

"Counselor Craig has been a great help in the cabin will all of his knowledge of camp and has been a great friend and bunkmate"