Camp Blue Ridge Blog

Dressing Up & Going All Out at CBR

While going through Camp Blue Ridge's website, Facebook, Instagram, etc., there is something very specific that stands out and makes you smile. The campers at Camp Blue Ridge go above and beyond for themed social nights, relay races, bunk performances, and more! One of the most amazing things about camp is the fun & excitement of getting as into "it" as possible, whatever "it" may be. Whether we are showing off our newly tye-dyed t-shirts at the Hippie Social on Friday night, or painting our bodies head to toe in red, green, and blue for the Apachee Relay, there is no denying that CBR kids do not hold back! There is something so pure about his aspect of camp. The opportunity for a camper to go over the top, express themselves, and just be a kid in its rawest form! So often in life we are held back from just simply doing without doubt. Children are constantly faced with the fears of not fitting in, being made fun of, or being different. At camp the pressure is eliminated. Camp is a place where dressing wacky is a usually occurrence, and tutu's definitely will never go out of style. Camp is a lesson to all that you are never too cool to dress up, get crazy, and get excited for whats to come! And that we do!