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Packing For Overnight Camp Near South Carolina


The countdown is on!!! We are less than forty days away from the first day of overnight camp. The entire staff here at Camp Blue Ridge couldn’t be more excited for camp to begin and to have another awesome summer. But before we get ahead of ourselves, have you thought about packing for our overnight camp near South Carolina yet? We have gathered some tips to make packing for overnight camp a little bit of a less stressful situation.
  1. Make a list- First off, see if the camp has an overnight camp packing list. Try and pack everything on that list. Next, search online to see what other lists tell you to bring to make sure you didn’t forget anything. Camp Blue Ridge has an overnight camp packing list that has everything necessary for camp.
  2. Labels- This is super important. Make sure every item sent to overnight camp has a waterproof label or the child’s name written on it. Clothes, toiletries, sheets, and everything in between. This prevents a trip to the lost and found as well as confusion on laundry day.
  3. Laundry- Speaking of laundry day, Camp Blue Ridge suggests sending children to camp with two laundry bags and two small mesh bags for small items.
  4. Medication- Find out what the medication policy at overnight camp is. Camp Blue Ridge uses CAMPMEDS. We don’t allow children to personally handle or use medications outside of our infirmary. We also require medication to be sent three weeks prior to going to overnight camp.
  5. Valuables- Children will be making so many new friends and memories at overnight camp therefore leaving no time for cell phones. Between exploring the outdoors and all of our overnight camp activities, there is little to no time to be spent online. So we ask that no electronics (besides a simple MP3 player) be brought to camp, they are prohibited and will be taken away.
Now, get packing! We can’t wait for our campers to arrive!! If you’re still looking for an overnight camp near South Carolina, call Camp Blue Ridge at 706-746-5491 (summer) or 954-665-8686 (winter) to learn more or schedule a tour today!